What does it mean to be Principled?

The IB Learner Profile attribute for this month is Principled.

In September, we focused on the attribute of Risk-taker and in October, we organized our activities and conversations around the attribute of Open-Minded. These two attributes are pretty self explanatory and students and staff could easily relate to them.

What does it mean to be Principled?

When you go to a dictionary, this is what you get:

principled - definition








When you look at the defintion from the IB Learner Profile, this is what you will see:


But what does this mean for our school and our students? How do we demonstrate that we are principled learners? When is it important to be principled? Are there people that you admire because they are principled? Why is this an important and essential attribute to possess?

Please share your thoughts.


23 thoughts on “What does it mean to be Principled?

  1. What does it take to be principled?
    So easy to want and so hard to give
    How can you see beyond the life you live?
    I can be blind, but a principled individual strives to develop

    The will to give and not receive
    The strength to say what you believe
    The heart to feel what others feel
    I know that’s what being principled can be

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  2. 3A thinks that being principled means…..
    “to be on task and honest” Amber
    “being good when no one is looking” Benjun
    “to be a good leader to younger children” Jeremy
    “Always be honest” Johann
    “Treat people how you want to be treated” Eirah
    “Show the golden rule” Darian
    “show respect to eachother” Arabelle
    “Act appropriate in all situations” Jeremy


  3. 8C

    In order to be principled, you have to follow the rules of the school, listen, be on time and prepared for class, be responsible, being honest, acting with kindness, handing things in on time, and being an overall good student.


  4. It means listening to the instructions and listening to what people say. Being quiet and not distracting other students.Focusing on one thing,being honest, and doing what what you are supposed to be doing.


  5. Our class is always trying to be principled. Mrs. Baynham, our families, our fearless leader Mrs. Neynens, Jesus, God, and our school community are all people we see being principled. Right now and always are times we should be principled.


  6. What does it mean to be principled? Our class feels that to be principled is to stand by your word and always do what you say you are going to and have the strength to admit when you are wrong. Honesty is a one time chance and once that trust has been broken it is very difficult to get it back. To be principled is to be an ethical person who has a good grasp of what is right or wrong based on the teachings of Christ.


  7. 4C shows that we are principled by completing and handing in our homework on time and by listening to our teacher and our classmates. We believe that it is important to be principled in many different situations; when someone needs help, when someone is talking, when the teacher is away from the classroom and when we need to be focused on a task. Our parents and teachers are role models who show us what it means to be principled. It is important to be principled because it helps us to be better citizens who are part of our school community.


  8. To be principled you have to be like Mr. Hatch Ms. Neynens, or Ms. Grossman 🙂

    We demonstrate at St. Clements that we are principled students by being leaders, respecting others, and accepting everyone’s ideas. We strive to be more independent and tackle challenges on our own by inquiring into information to solve our problems. To be principled is to know right from wrong and know/accept/take responsibility of all the consequences. We as an IB school are principled because we acknowledge different global events in our everyday curriculum.



  9. “I have a dream that my four children will live in a nation that does not judge them by their skin colour, but by their content of their character.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    We think he is a symbol for being principled because he knew what was unfair and he tried to change the world for the better.

    We have a text-text and text-self from the book Wonder
    “If you have a choice from being right and being kind, choose kind!”
    This is a good precept to live by at our school because if you are kind and respectful to others it will influence others to make a positive choice/ decision.

    For example;
    If someone is different or has a disability instead of pointing it out we can be kind and look at what they can do, not what they can’t. Everyone has gifts and talents to contribute. This is important to remember in every day life.



  10. In the 7B homeroom, we believe a principled person is someone whom is inclusive of everyone and respectful of others (treating others the way we want to be treated). A principled person should be able to communicate confidently and is open-minded to other people’s perspectives, opinions, and choice. This person makes themselves knowledgeable about a variety of subjects and topics. In 7B, we are principled by being leaders and stepping up for what is right, by being risk-takers with the stance of justice and equality, by taking responsibility of our own actions and not putting the blame on others. We believe being principled is being organized (by planning ahead), being balanced, being generous, honest, a good sport, and caring of others, and being reflective of our actions and other peoples decisions. This person respects themselves (has a good self-esteem), has a good conscience, is disciplined, and abides by the rules and policies set in place. A principled person encourages people and always puts their best efforts in being a good role model and being good inquirers.


  11. Kurpinski 6C

    Our class brain stormed for a bit, and with much discussion we decided that Nelson Mandela was the ideal choice to champion the concept of principled. Known for his strong sense of fairness and justice Nelson Mandela fought against racial segregation in South Africa, which resulted in a successful dismantling of the system in 1994. Ultimately, in 1993 Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for his actions and respect for the dignity and rights of people.


  12. principled means to be honest and do the right thing. When we do wrong we own it and are honest and then we try to make it right…We help others in our class to do their work when they are stuck because that is the right thing to do…..we want everyone to win! gr. 3B


  13. On behalf of the admin, I must tell you that we are so proud of you! What we have created on this page is a great resource for the IB Learner Profile attribute of “Principled”. You have all submitted a well-thought-out response but most importantly we know that you must have had an excellent discussion in your homeroom about what it means to be a principled learner.
    Great job, St. Clement!


  14. We demonstrate that we are principled learners by listening to others, including our classmates and our teacher. We are patient all the time and we don’t interrupt others. We follow the rules, respect others and help those who need a hand. We always do our job in school, which is to learn.

    It is important to be principled at school, at home, at grandma and grandpa’s house, and at church. Really, it is important to be principled any time.


  15. Grade 2B – Mrs. Granger’s class.

    Being principled in our school looks like students following the rules, and respecting other people’s things.
    We demonstrate being principled by listening and working hard.
    We show we are principled when we come to St. Clement School, when we are in our classroom, in the hallways and when we Skype.
    People that we admire who show they are principled are our teachers, principals, volunteers and family members.
    Being principled is important because it allows us to learn and be safe.


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